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Ancient lathes Continual rotation lathes Spring-pole lathes
Bow lathes Tools Related Machines
Specialty Lathes Quotes about turning Notes on a 17th Cent. turner
My bow lathe Bibliography Links

Early Wood Lathes & Historic Woodworking Links

Feel free to recommend links for this space.




Electronic Neanderthal
Traditional (non-electric) Woodworking sources on the web.

OLDTOOLS E-mail list.
A great source on using collecting and identifying antique tools.

Roy Underhill's The Woodwright's Shop
had springpole, treadle, and great wheel lathe plans last time I checked.

A number of late 19th century man-powered machines

Medeival & Renaissance Lathes

On Ye Art and Mysterie of Turning

Robin Wood
the UK's leading traditional wooden bowl turner

The Bodger's home page. Association of Pole-Lathe Turners
Includes plans for building a spring-pole lathe, and an E-list for turners.

Medallic lathe of Peter the Great
A reproduction of the lathe made by decree of the Tsar, but destroyed during the fire in 1747.

A Brief History of Ornamental Turning

A Short History of Woodturning with the Pole-lathe

Drawings for a Pole Lathe by Brian Howarth

Worshipful Company of Turners of London
a Livery Company of the City of London. Although there was a Guild of Turners in 1295, the Royal Charter was granted by King James I in 1604.

Theatrum instrumentorum et machinarum
1578 text "Theater of machines" by Jacques Besson. Includes illustrations of numerous machines as well as a comple examples of lathes.

Stuart King. A British Wood turner and photojournalist who has a number of articles on woodturning on hist website.

General Wood Turning Links
Information on turning, but not necessarily man-powered machines.

American Association of Woodturners
Wood Turning on the Web
"More Woodturning -The Newspaper for Turners" Link Page
Ornamental Turning Center
Woodturners & Woodworkers Resources & Web Site List

Watchmaker's Lathes and Attachments
A watchmaker's website with some examples of watch lathes.

A group for the discussion of Medieval woodworking techniques and for display of pictures, drawings, articles and photos of ideas or resources.