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Period Coins for Gaming

Whether you're a pirate, privateer, or land-bound soldier these replicas of Spanish reales and doubloons will make great props for use along with our period dice and card games. The sets include equal numbers of the coins and a plain drawstring pouch to keep them in. They are about the size of a modern U.S. quarter and are made out of zinc just like a modern American penny, so they have an authentic "clink" unlike the dull sound of pewter replica coins.

20 coins for $10.00+ $2.50 shipping

100 coin Set
Includes a free Put & Take gambling top

for playing a game similar to "Morgan's Revenge".
The 100 coin set includes 50 of each of the two colors pictured.
100 coins + Put & Take $40.00 + $5.80 shipping

period coins

It was not uncommon for coins of the same design to be cast in both gold and silver for different denominations.

100 Coin Set
100 coin set

Gambler's Set

You'll be ready for any card or dice game
and get a $10 discount!
Includes 100 coins, Put & Take, a deck of cards, our knucklebones/dice set, plus our two booklets of early card and dice games.

 $60.00 + $5.80 shipping


Game Rules

"Rules for Games of the Past" CD-rom


We have updated the rules for all of the games we sell and burned them on to CD-roms in PDF format.

Includes histories and multiple variations in rules for:

Backgammon (32 variations) Checkers (20 variations)
Cribbage (15 variations) Dominos (19 variations)
13 Early Card Games 18 Early Dice Games
Mancala(20 variations) Tarot Card Games
Pope Joan (and two related games)
9-Man & 12-man Morris (plus two other variations)
plus rules for Hnefatafl, Fidchell, Ringo and Shut the Box

Mac and Windows compatable.
$20.00 + $2.00 shipping

Save & download a zipped file of the PDF's

Just $15.00


Game Rule Bookets
(Non-digital/real paper!)
These are the same booklets we include with our games
$5.00 Each
Booklets printed here in Minnesota

Early Card Games
We have written our own booklet of games to accompany our period playing cards. We tried select games that do not appear in most standard collections of card games, and are fairly easy to learn -even for non-card players. We have come up with a dozen games that are all documented in Europe prior to 1700, and included a brief history of playing cards in Europe.
Early Games of Dice
Newly Updated in 2003: We recently added several dice games translated from Alphonso X's "Book of Games (circa 1280 A.D) Includes a look at the history of dice, rule for dicing with sheep knucklebones.
Dating to the reign of Pharoh Seti I (1366-1333 B.C.), Mancala was spread to the east by Islamic peoples, and west by African slaves. It is a deceptively simple game that is now played all around the world. We have collected 20 variations in rules ranging from the West Indies to the Phillipines.

Tarot Games and History
Tarot cards were used for playing card game long before they were used for divination. So we've written A booklet with a short history of them and included six games including the earliest surviving tarot games dating to the 17th century.
The earliest precurser to modern Cribbage is called "Noddy" and dates back to the 1500's. We've included this plus several 17th cenury variation, as well as modern version for solitaire Cribbage and up to 6 players. 14 versions in all!
Variations of Backgammon or "Tables" that were played on a recognizable board go back as far as first century Rome. Our booklet contains 32 variations on Backgammon games ancient to modern.
Sure, everyone knows Checkers, but try playing it with a die to tell you how many spaces you can move. Our sales of our portable Checkers game doubled when we started including our booklet of 20 variations on Checkers games.
Dominos seem to first appear in Europe in the late 17th century, although they go back much further in time in the Orient.

Now Available as a Download!
"An Informal look at Wood Turning Through the Ages " CD-rom

This is a collection of the various illustrations on early turning that I have found over the last ten years and is intended to assist others who are interested in experimenting with these machines of the past. My interest has been in pre-industrialized turning, so there is little here about the commercially manufactured lathes, and nothing about modern motorized turning.

Included on the disk:

All 86 plates from Denis Diderot's  L'art du Tourneur (1775)

Selected plates from Charles Plumier's D'art de Tourner (1706)

All turning-related plates from from Joseph Moxon's Mechanick Exercises (1678)

Dozens of other illustrations I have collected, as well as notes that I have made on the history of turning from various primary and secondary sources.

Simple plans for two of the lathes I have built and experimented with.

Mac and Windows compatable.
$20.00 + $2.00 shipping

Save and Download my Lathe Information

Just $15.00


Game Pieces

Also see our Other Games page for game accessories

Wood Checkers

These are the same checkers we include with our fabric checkers games. They're about 1.25" in diameter. We'll send you 26 (13 light & 13 dark) so you have a full Checkers set, plus an extra of each color. $7.00 for 26 checkers + $1.00 shipping

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