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Historic Novelty Dice & Dicing Games

All designs © Rose & Pentagram Design
Our products include small parts that are a choking hazard and are not intended for children.

Save $5.00 on our Complete Dice Set

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small Parts. Not For Children Under 3 Years.

"Ancient" Dice
Dice with "bulls-eye" markings as pips date back to ancient Rome, and have been found in archeological sites such as Pompeii. Similar dice continued to be used until the Middle Ages. We've molded ours in resin to simulate bone, or ivory. About 3/4" in size

We offer them individually for $5.00 each.+ shipping

Made by us here in Minnesota

Ancient Dice

Teachers: these are a great accessory to use for ancient Greek, or Roman units. See also our sheep knucklebones below.

Put & Take:
A centuries-old variation on dicing. Also called a "Teetotum," or "Ante-up" the players each ante a coin, or two, then take turns spinning the top. The side that lands facing up tells you if must "put" more into the pot, or if you can "take" coins from it. Ours is an 8-sided style, molded in resin to simulate bone. Similar tops are used for "pirate" games like "Morgan's Revengetm" Approx. 1 3/8" tall. $5.00 each.+ shipping

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Made by us here in Minnesota

Put & Take
Lord & Lady Dice©:
This reproduction of a set of bawdy German dice dates from the 15th century and may represent Adam & Eve (- before the fall, no fig leaves!) They are cast in resin to simulate the ivory of the originals. Size: approx. 1".$10.00 per pair. + shipping

We normally sell them in pairs, but on request we are willing to put together other "preferred" combinations.
Click on Learn more to see the other sides of the dice PG13 ;-) 

Made by us here in Minnesota

Lord & Lady dice
Lord & Lady Dice
Lord & Lady DIce
Dragon Dice:
This poor little dragon looks like he has been gambling with a wizard - and caught cheating! He has been compressed into a cube, and marked like a standard die, but his face and wings are still clearly visible. Size: approx. 1". (Unrelated to Dragon Dice the collectable dice game.) Available in "bone" green, blue, or red $5.00 each.+ shipping

Click on Learn more to see the other sides of the Dragon Dice
Made by us here in Minneso

Dragon Dice
Dragon Die

Nightmare Dice©:
Dice with a stylized skull carved on each side. The pips make up the eyes and noses. Size: approx. 1". Available in "bone," or red!

$5.00 each.+  shipping

Click on Learn more to see the other sides of the Nightmare Dice

Made by us here in Minnesota

Nightmare Dice
Nightmare Die
Knucklebones/Dice Set
One of the earliest forms of "dice." Our "bones" are full-sized (about 1.5" long), anatomically correct and molded in resin from actual sheep bones. They are so realistic looking that we have squeamish customers drop them when we tell them they are "bones." Knucklebones or man-made facsimiles of them continued to be used for children's games right up until the early 20th century. The set comes in a draw-string pouch with 5 "bones", 6 standard wooden dice, and a 20-page booklet of dice games dating prior to 1700 as well as rules for "fivestones" and an acient form of divination using knuckebones. $20.00 per set. +  shipping

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Knuckles made by us here in Minnesota

Teachers: these are a great accessory to use for ancient Greek, or Roman units.

But how do you score the knucklebones?
Easy! -they are used like four sided dice:
(1 pt for the "flat" side; 3 pts for the "concave" side; 4 pts for the convex side; 6 pts for the "twisted" side.)
Click on the buttons at right to see!
The set comes with a booklet of games with a scoring diagram.

Knucklebone probability report: One of our customers was kind enough to test a set of our knuckles to see what sides they favored, Click on the learn more link to read it.
Check out our little video about the history of Knucklebones

Plain Wooden Dice
Are you just looking for an inexpensive handful of dice to play bar games like "Ship, Captain, Crew" or "Farkle"? Here's a set of 6 plain wooden dice packaged in a little cotton pouch.

$5.00 + shipping

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The wooden dice are the same as the ones pictured with the Knucklebones set.
Naughty NSFW "69" Dice
A reproduction of an antique die in the form of a man and woman sharing a little "oral gratification". Hand-crafted in bone-colored resin to match our other dice. No matter which side comes up you always get a "69"...
Many thanks to dice collector Kevin Cook, who gave us photos of the original die in his collection so that we could make a reproduction of it.
$7.00 each. + Shipping

Complete Dicing Set:
Save $5.00 over purchasing our dice separately!