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About My art
Celtic-art "works in progress"
Most of the one-of a kind items here are
made from "Recycled" tables and game boards.

Prices will be published upon completion of the individual item.
However, if you can't live without one of these future works of art E-mail us for an estimate

See a step-by-step description of how I created one of my Celtic art tables.

Game Rule Booklets on CD-rom
We are currently updating the rule booklets that we include with our various games, and will be offering them as a complete set on CD-rom. This will include all of the following game booklets in PDF format:
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CribbageMancalaCheckers Tarot Card Games

Byzantine Chess Boards

Often referred to as "Byzantine Chess," circular variations on Chess seem to date as far back as the 10th century. This set will include the Isle of Lewis Chessmen as the pieces, as well as at least two different variation in rules. At right is a picture of the 24-inch diameter oak veneer board before the knotwork decoration was applied. Below is a working sketch of the style of knotwork I have begun to use to decorate the alternating "squares" on the board. The dark squares with have a black background and metalic copper paint to color in the actual knotwork.

Projects in Need of Ideas
"Recycled" tables and game boards,
just waiting for me to decide what game or design to put on them.
E-mail us about having one them decorated with a custom Celtic-art design just for you.

A Maple butcher-block dinette table,
36 inches in diameter

I've been toying with the idea of reproducing the "King Arthur's round table" from Winchester Castle in England on one of the round butcher-block tables I currently have in stock.

An oak butcher-block "bar table,"
four feet in diameter

-Sorry the grey kitten peaking out from underneath the table will NOT be included. (Her name is "Selkie" as in the mythical seal people of Irish legend ;-)

A butcher-block trestle table with matching benches,
48 inches x 30 inches

An oak butcher-block dinette table,
36 inches in diameter