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Customer Comments

I have now received my order. I am very impressed with your quick service at this busy time and your very reasonable prices. It was cheaper for me to have the cards sent from America than it was to buy them in the UK!
I will certainly recommend your company to all my friends here.
Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year.
J. Jones
What a wonderful site you have! Yours actually has the information it says it has!
"Lady Sabine"

We are extremely happy with our recent purchase of traveling games. they not only provided us several hours of fun but we were fasinated by the history behind the games. And we were glad we could put them thru the wash...we got rained on while camping and they got filthy...its great to know we can now move our gaming stuff out into our camping life...and take so little room when packing! thanks for making our lifes more entertaining and easier!
The Feliens
Dear Purveyors of Historic Games--
I recently attended the MN Renaissance Festival and enjoyed a brief stay at your booth. First, let me say how appreciative I am of your crazy idea of including things that might actually have existed in the Renaissance in the Renaissance Festival -and then having the balls to document them! (I haven't checked out your references yet, but you seem like honest people; also I did notice your good sources for the Tarot tractate). Long may you thrive. I ended up buying a dreidl (Put & Take) and the smaller purse of dice. Small potatoes I know, but if it's any consolation, I spent more at your booth than anyone else's.
Phil, W. , MN
I am planning a backpacking trip in Alaska and was looking for some games to take with me. I hate the miniature games with the little bitty pieces that are so small you can't even pick them up. I was so happy when I received my order from you, I got full size games at a fraction of the weight. Thank you so much!
I received my order for 2 decks of uncoated cards on Friday and I am very pleased. I collect and display "Old West" items, some original and some reproduction. I wanted some playing cards to display with my collection, something nice to add "color" to the presentation. I was not even concerned with authenticity. Much to my surprise when I opened the package from you (weeks earlier than I expected!!!) that the cards were VERY correct. I immediately opened up a couple of Old West and Gunfighter books I have and compared yours to photos of originals. As close a match as I could want. A PERFECT addition to the display!!!
-Tom J.
We got the dice yesterday and wanted to thank you for the samples, and for your great service and fast shipping. We find that more and more businesses now are ignoring the service aspect, so we try to really give our customers great service, and we really appreciate it when we get really great service
. -Linda & Kevin C. , Colorado
"The package arrived today and the games are much more impressive than the pictures give them credit for."
-K. Weaver, Pennsylvania
I recently returned from 4 weeks of camping and canoeing, and your game was a huge hit! It's so compact it's perfect for stuffing in a backpack. Being cloth, it is easy to clean (nothing stays clean when camping) and we didn't need to worry about keeping it dry (rain, white-water, and overturned canoes). All we had to do was keep our cards in a zip-lock bag.
-Nancy, Wisconsin.
Thanx for the quick response and personalized service. It seems like there are only machines to deal with now a days. I have told a bunch of people about your site, ;) you have some very interesting stuff.
-Keith R. (SK, Canada)
"Your games are absolutely beautiful. I studied Celtic archaeology at Harvard University and these games capture the true essence of Celtic culture. Your commitment to quality is certainly evident"
-C. Swanson.
"I placed an order for the laminated period playing cards on Friday and was greatly pleased to have them arrive in Monday's mail. I expected a wait of weeks rather than days! I had been looking for quite a long time for a laminated deck that would stand up to regular use. I play a "Wild West" RPG that uses poker hands to determine certain events and this deck will be perfect for this."
-K.A. (-We can't always deliver this fast, but we check our E-mail daily when we are not "on the road," and can often have your game in your hands within one week.)