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Office on wheels

A submitted idea: It may take some "creative" work to make it historic show-compliant, but is probably worth doing :-) We bought one of those plastic carts on wheels. Ours has a big (file sized) drawer on the bottom, with two smaller drawers above it. This has become our "office" at shows - cash box, receipt books, and credit card slips in the top drawer, paperwork in the middle, and baby wipes, scissors, pens, thumbtacks, flashlight, and other show necessities in the bottom. When we get home from the show, we roll it right into the office, and store everything in it so nothing gets lost.

Storage boxes and trunks

- are often best is they have feet on them -it helps raise them off the ground so the bottoms are not in direct contact with the ground or a damp floor, and it can save you from damaged product or clothing if you end up with a "river" running through your tent due to a sudden rain, as well as providing air flow to prevent mold while being stored off-season in a garage, or basement.

Tilt-out bin

We just made a new pine storage box. It has a tilt-out bin in the front like the flour bins that used to be built into old kitchen cabinets. It's a little heavy fully loaded, but we put it in the van empty, and then slip 4 grocery bags full of product into the bin. It's great because it's high enough to sit on, and we can put other boxes, or displays on top, yet still immediately access everything inside. If you're not much of a carpenter keep an eye out for a wooden recycling center with a tilt-out front.

large Ziplock bags

can be used to protect brochures and other literature from the weather, and seals them in something airtight so the don't get "wavey/rippled" from damp weather or from being stored in a box in the damp garage/basement between shows

Canvas Wardrobe

I noticed a while ago that Target stores were advertising something they called a "canvas wardrobe" and I thought it looking like something that might work for hiding a few non-period items or as "closet space" in the back corner of a shop, or behind a tent. Of course I don't know if I would want it to get rained on since water would pool in the top unless something held up the center to make a peak.

Collapsing boxes/chests

An SCA website with chests that come apart for traveling or storage off-season The same site has patterns for other chests and furniture as well.