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Renaissance Fairs

renfairemerchants Ren Faire Merchants
An open discussion list for merchants on the renaissance circuit.

A group for people who own, or work in a booth at Renaissance Faire or other type craft fairs & festivals, or would like to work in one.

Renaissance Marketplace
A forum to post Renaissance Faire, SCA, and LARP related classified ads. Ebay, commercial sites, auctions, and personal sales.

The oldest on-line source of information about Renaissance Fairs in North America Event listings, merchant links. See the archive for past discussions on how to get started in a renfaires, being a vender at renfairs, insurance etc.
A resource for Midwest Renaissance festival information.
An active bulletin board for discussing renfairs plus a directory of fairs around the U.S.
Originally designed as a Message Board for Renaissance faires in the southwest, RFC has grown to include members form all over the US.
Developed in order for the Renaissance Faire community to better promote themselves and just a place for people of all ages to hang out and make friends online who have many of the same interests.

Rennie Swap Meet
A Yaho group for rennies who want to trade, sell or barter goods or services for other goods or services.


Known World Architectural Guild
An SCA page with lots of storage/ furniture/ camping designs that might be useful in booths, many with patterns downloadable in PDF format. They range from Boy Scout-style camp kitchens and tables to well-documented reproductions of historic furniture designs.

Stephan's Florilegium
A collection of files on various SCA-related topics, collected from postings to The Rialto ( and other mailing lists, and articles submitted by their authors

A Yahoo group to share experiences making and selling in the SCA community.

Other Links

National Registry of Living Historians

Links to the Past

Links to Merchants

Lavolta Press
Books on historic costuming from Middle Ages to Art Deco. Includes books of patterns.