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Historic Merchants' Idea Box

Innovative ideas for booths, tents, displays, signs, and storage
for merchants at historic-themed events.

Whether you sell an authentic hand-craft at a period encampments,
or a modern art / craft which you sell at historic-themed fairs...

-These merchants all have things in common which are unique from the normal craft fair, or flea market circuits. -Such as having to package, display, weather-proof their products and their "store" in ways appropriate to the era of the event. My hope is that this can be a resource for new, or prospective venders, as well as enable established merchants to find new ways to sell, store, or display their products.

Part of the inspiration for this site

While setting up at an indoor event I watched a seller of cloth and sewing supplies wheel into the room a large box/cabinet about 3 feet high. When she opened it, the box unfolded to reveal various compartments. One held small bolts of cloth, another had notions hanging on pegboard hooks, another had shelves with boxes of buttons and trims. The entire thing also became a base for a small table for displaying more larger bolts cloth, as well as providing enough surface for cutting and selling fabric by the yard.

It struck me that there had to be similar ideas that might be designed to look more period, or adapted for use by other types of sutlers, merchants and artisans to make their displays more portable. This website was started as a way to collect and share those ideas between venders of all kinds whether your market is the Civil War, Renaissance Fairs, SCA, or other historic-themed events.

Architecture examples
to inspire Renfair boothes
Updated 11/4/06
Display Ideas
Ways to market/display products
Updated 10/24/03
Boxes, bins, whatever,to store and transport your wares, safe & dry.
Updated 5/22/03
Updated 9/29/05
Renfaire booths
Examples of existing booths, and ideas to improve them
Updated 1/3/05
Tents, Temporary booths & Tent Sellers
Throw away that "Easy-up" or blue plastic tarp
Updated 1/1/06
Portable, or collapsing furniture
Updated 1/23/03
Tips, tricks, Timesavers
Updated 5/22/06
Images of Specific Trades
Coming Soon
Updated 1/14/06